The First ASEAN-China Private Higher Education Development and Cooperation Forum Was Launched in USY

2017/12/4 17:31:32

On the morning of Nov. 30th, ASEAN-China Private Higher Education Development and Cooperation Forum was inaugurated at Shushan Hall in the USY under the guidance and support of ASEAN-China Center, SEAMEO RIHED and China’s Non-Government Education Association. Representatives of 16 private universities and 4 higher education organizations from Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, The Philippines, Myanmar and Cambodia attended the Forum, together with 10 private universities in China. The forum aims at establishing interactive and cooperative platforms between private higher education institutions in China and ASEAN countries, sharing successful stories of cooperation and useful experience garnered in their respective and distinctive processes of development, and probing into tangible approaches to fostering cultural exchanges as well as to establishing normal cooperation mechanisms among these institutions.



ASEAN-China Forum for Private Higher Education Development and Cooperation 

Among the distinguished guests who made speeches at the opening ceremony were Mme. Yang Xiu-ping, Secretary-General of ASEAN-China Centre (ACC), Mr. Kong Ling-de, Deputy Director of the Education Department of Hainan Province, Dr. Chantavit Sujatanond, Center Director of SEAMEO RIHED, Mr. Dai Yu-ming, Vice Mayor of Sanya Municipal Government, Ms. Ji Ping, Director General of Higher Education Professional Committee of China’s Non-Government Education Association, Mr. Liu Bao-li, Executive Secretary-general of the Organizing Committee of China-ASEAN Education Cooperation Week. Mr. Wang Zuo-shu, Chairman of China Association for Non-government Education, sent a message of congratulation. Mr. Lu Dan, Secretary of Party Committee and President of USY, made a welcome speech to extend a warm welcome to all guests present.


 Welcoming Address by Prof. Lu Dan, President , USY

President Lu Dan said that at present, cooperation between China and ASEAN countries has climbed to a new high point. With this forum, educational cooperation for new opportunities and new platforms will be expanded and extended. University of Sanya and other private higher education institutions from ASEAN will, with a global vision and a more open attitude, promote the new process of education cooperation between China and ASEAN and to build the ASEAN-China education community through in-depth development, mutual learning and innovation.


Speech by Mme. Yang Xiu-ping, Secretary-General of ASEAN-China Centre


Speech by Mr. Kong Ling-de, Deputy Director, The Education Department of Hainan Province



Speech by Dr. Chantavit Sujatanond, Centre Director, SEAMEO RIHED


Speech by Mr. Dai Yu-ming, Vice Mayor, Sanya Municipal Government

Mr. Wang Zuoshu (Letter of Congratulations) : On behalf of the Private Higher Education Institutions of China, I would like to extend congratulations on this conference as well as the great achievements made by the USY. It’s our mission to make contributions to the “Belt and Road Initiative” by actively enhancing international collaboration along the Belt and Road, implementing smooth international communication and forging a new platform for global cooperation.


 Written Speech by Mr. Wang Zuo-shu, President, CANGE Reading by Ms. Ji Ping, Director General, The Higher Education Professional Committee of CANGE

Since the Reform and Opening-Up policy has been implemented in China nearly 40 years before, China has made great progress in the development of private higher education. In 2016, the number of private higher education institutions accounted for 28.5 percent of the total number of high education institutions in China, and the number of undergraduates enrolled in higher education institutions was 33.8 percent of the total number nationwide. We can say that one third in higher education in China are supported by private higher education institutions. The outstanding development of private higher education institutions has greatly enhanced the vitality of higher education in our country. The remarkable achievement made by University of Sanya in 12 years since its establishment is one good example of the development of Chinese private higher education institutions. The 19th National Congress of China held shortly before declares clearly again that China would give priority to education and speed up the modernization of education, also, it is reiterated that support from social forces running education would be offered. This will bring about new opportunities to the development of the private higher education in China. The forum today is held just in time to strengthen the exchange of experiences between China and the ASEAN countries, and act as a new platform and opportunities for the cooperation.



Speech by Mr. Liu Bao-li, Executive Secretary-General, Organizing Committee of China-ASEAN 

Education Cooperation Week

The relationship between countries lies in the affection from people to people, and the affection between civilians lies in mutual understanding. China and ASEAN are geographically connected, and culturally interlinked. The friendly exchanges between countries cannot be separated from a solid foundation for people-to-people exchanges, while private higher education is an important part of it. As a prominent private higher education institution in China, University of Sanya hosts today’s forum, establishing platforms for exchanges and cooperation, providing opportunities for sharing experience and discussing future cooperation and development. Strengthening exchanges and cooperation between ASEAN-China private higher education institutions promotes the Silk Road education cooperation process, and provides intelligence and talent supports in the implementation of the Belt and Road initiative. This forum plays an important role in establishing alliance between ASEAN-China private higher education institutions, advancing the pragmatic cooperation, bridging cultural communications, sharing experience in cultivating talents and enhancing friendship and mutual trust.


Representatives of private higher education institutions from ASEAN and China, with a global vision and an open and mutual-learning attitude, are willing to proactively boost cooperation among private higher education institutions, to strengthen practical cooperation on both sides and to build a prosperous educational community; establishing effective and long-term cooperation mechanisms and interactive platforms such as think tanks and forums to facilitate teaching and research at private higher education institutions in ASEAN and China by sharing experience and seeking common development. They are committed to jointly promoting the implementation of cooperative measures such as cooperation in running schools, exchange of teachers and students, international student programs and other fruitful cooperation projects so as to provide students in China as well as in ASEAN with opportunities and platforms for cross-cultural learning and exchanges. Representatives also have promised to put collective wisdom together and taking full advantage of available and potential resources to establish an innovative cooperation mode for ASEAN-China private/civilian-run higher education institutions, and set examples and role models for the future.


Keynote Speeches


At the opening ceremony, delegates from private higher education institutions of China and ASEAN also launched the keynote speeches according to development and experience from each country. In the afternoon, breakout sessions centering on Developing Positive University-Government Relationship, the Path and Direction of ASEAN-China Private Higher Education Development, and Mutual Learning and Complementary Development: the Prospect for the Development of Tourism Management Cooperation between ASEAN-China Higher Education Institutions were separately held in each discussion room.


Breakout Session


At the end of the Forum, all delegates have reached a cooperative framework that they should work together to give full play to the fundamental and leading role of education, continuing and boosting the traditional friendship between ASEAN and China, enhancing mutual understanding and ultimately contributing to the construction of a common “aesthetics-sharing” homeland for mankind via educational cooperation.


“Strategic Cooperation Framework for ASEAN-China Private Higher Education Institutions” Signing


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